About Us

Italian Harvest John Blount and Victoria Doggett, the founders of Italian Harvest, are culinary adventurers. John was born and raised in Rome, and moved to the US when he was 30. His mother is a sixth-generation Roman, and his father, American. During John's early years, his family traveled extensively throughout Italy, giving him a native's understanding of the food for which each region is famous.

In 1999 John and Victoria left San Francisco bound for Italy and embarked on the first of many culinary journeys. During their travels, they discovered unique, authentic specialties and decided to introduce them to the American market. John's passion for his native food and culture coincided with a strong belief that there would be a market for high-quality, artisanal products in the United States.

In 2000 the artisanal concept was relatively new, and yet it defined John and Victoria's mission as they searched for natural, organically cultivated foods, meeting along the way artisans who have been using the same techniques for generations.

As they sourced these specialties one by one, they formed relationships that have lasted more than a decade with farmers and family-run businesses. With John's native knowledge of regional specialties and Victoria's instinct for the American market, they have "harvested" a remarkably authentic collection of foods that reflect the true heart of Italian culture.