Fratelli Minaglia: Organic Pasta, Liguria

Fratelli Minaglia: Organic Pasta, Liguria

Fratelli Minaglia is a new line of specialty Ligurian pastas from brothers Paolo and Francesco Minaglia, founders of the Alta Valle Scrivia pastas you've come to know and love.

This brand is certified organic and is approved by Italcheck, an organization that determines products to be 100% Italian. Italcheck assures that all the ingredients, including water, as well as the production and packaging, are exclusively from Italy.

This pasta has a delicious flavor of high quality wheat with a perfect texture throughout the thickness of the pasta. They offer traditional shapes like spaghetti and linguine, but also Ligurian shapes like trofie, croxetti, and ricciole.

Enjoy this pasta with your favorite sauce! However, if you want a true regional representation, trofie and croxetti pastas are traditionally served with Ligurian basil pesto, potatoes, and green beans.

*Translation: "Fratelli" in Italian means "brothers".

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