La Rosa: Gluten Free Pasta, Emilia-Romagna

La Rosa: Gluten Free Pasta, Emilia-Romagna

At the La Rosa pasta factory in Emilia-Romagna, they've created an outstanding line of gluten-free pastas made with non-gmo corn and rice flour so families with gluten intolerant or sensitive members could enjoy the pleasure of eating delicious pasta dishes together as a family.

They keep to traditional pasta making methods such as working the dough slowly, using bronze dies to give the pastas their typical rough surface, and slowly air drying at low temperatures to keep all the organoleptic properties, meaning the aspects of food ingredients and products as experienced by the 5 senses, of a true homemade Italian pasta. After cooking, the pasta remains consistent, firm and elastic to satisfy the most discerning pasta lovers.

Enjoy these remarkable gluten-free pastas as you would traditional ones. As proudly stated on their packages it's "Una Pasta per Tutti" meaning a pasta for everyone!

- Pastificio La Rosa produces exclusively gluten-free pasta with water, rice and corn flour, no added starches or thickeners, eggs, sugar or soy.
- Pastificio La Rosa receives its gluten-free certification from the Italian Ministry of Health to produce and pack dietary gluten-free pasta.

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