Riso Buono: Rice & Rice Flour, Piemonte

Riso Buono: Rice & Rice Flour, Piemonte

Riso Buono is the brand behind high quality rice varieties from the rice growing region of Piemonte in northern Italy. All their rices are cultivated, processed and packaged at the Azienda Agricola La Mondina near Casalbeltrame in the province of Novara, owned by the family of Barons Luigi and Carlo Guidobono Cavalchini.

Their Carnaroli rice is aged one year giving it greater durability during cooking, while the high amylose content makes it creamy. Chefs prefer this rice because it can be parboiled then boiled again before serving without breakage.

This farm is well known for its Artemide Black rice, a blend of Venere rice hybridized with an Indica-type rice like Basmati. Its has an intense and pleasant aroma, and is one of the healthiest rice varieties on the market as it is rich in B-group vitamins and minerals such as Calcium, Selenium, Zinc, Magnesium, Iron and oxidants called Anthocyanins. It is ideal as a side to cheese, fish, vegetables and mushrooms.

Their Carnaroli and Artemide rice flours are slow-ground so as to preserve intact nutrients, they are gluten-free, and are delicious and light when used to fry food on account of their low absorption of fats while creating a crispy batter.

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  • Carnaroli Rice Flour: 5 kg

    Carnaroli Rice Flour: 5 kg

    Carnaroli Rice flour is produced by using rice exclusively cultivated on our estate. Riso Buono Flour is a gluten-free a... 

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