Sarubbi: Spices, Calabria

Sarubbi: Spices, Calabria

The delicacies made by GIuseppe Sarubbi represent the custom throughout Calabria of using peperoncino (not pepper) on almost all cuisine. Naturally cultivated and highly selected, these spicy products lend a delicious flavor & spice to a myriad of Italian dishes like seafood, pasta, frittatas, meats or vegetables.

* Both the Bomba di Calabria hot pepper paste and Dinamite tapenade are sofi Silver awards winners.

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  • Calabrian Braided Hot Pepper (Peperoncino a Treccia)

    Calabrian Braided Hot Pepper (Peperoncino a Treccia)

    Each September, the village of Diamante in Calabria celebrates its crop at the Hot Pepper Festival. The entire village h... 

    Item # 40890
  • Calabrian Licorice Jam

    Calabrian Licorice Jam

    Calabria is well known for its licorice plant and root, both used to make black licorice. The flavor of licorice in this... 

    Item # 40893
  • Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam

    Calabrian Hot Chili Pepper Jam

    Mouth watering on cheeses, especially sheep cheeses or herbal cheeses like Murazzano or Gorgonzola. Perfect balance betw... 

    Item # 40895