Savini Tartufi: Truffles, Tuscany

Savini Tartufi: Truffles, Tuscany

The Savini family has a long history of hunting truffles and creating new recipes and combinations that highlight them. Their farm is located near Pisa, an area of Tuscany renowned for its truffles. All Italian truffle varieties can be found here year round, including the prized Black Truffle, the Scorzone from Bianchetto, and the famous White Truffle (or Tuber Magnatum Pico).

We have become friends with Cristiano Savini who tells us amazing stories. Watch the videos below that capture their passion for hunting, eating and enjoying truffle dishes. One memorable story recounts how Cristiano's great grandfather went hunting and would bring bread and honey for a snack. His lunch break would include a slice of home made Tuscan bread, with a drizzle of honey and a few slices of truffle on top.

What would become a world-famous recipe for Honey with Truffle, happened quite organically, thanks to Cristiano's great grandfather! Find Savini's Honey & Bianchetto Truffle below in this list of products.

A newer creation from Cristiano's inventive father, Luciano, is their Dwarf Peaches with Summer Truffle. Young, green peaches are cured to tenderize them, then they are marinated with black summer truffle. Terrific served as antipasti or in cocktails!

Mangia bene. Vivi felice!

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