Sea Salts

Sea Salts

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  • Coarse Sea Salt

    Coarse Sea Salt

    This coarse sea salt was harvested from the salt works along the southwest coast of Sicily, near Trapani, where ideal wi... 

    Item # 80000
  • Arrabbiata Herbed Sea Salt

    Arrabbiata Herbed Sea Salt

    The brilliant blend of red peppers and coarse sea salts is perfect for people who love things piccante. Use with vegetab... 

    Item # 80030
  • Grigliata Herbed Sea Salt

    Grigliata Herbed Sea Salt

    Literally meaning "grilled dinner," this fantastic spiced salt mix can be used with meat or vegetables to add the strong... 

    Item # 80020
  • Mediterraneo Herbed Sea Salt

    Mediterraneo Herbed Sea Salt

    Classic Mediterranean herbs and rock salt make this one of our favorite salt mixes to use with just about anything Itali... 

    Item # 80050