Brindisino Artichokes: Whole, Hand Trimmed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Item Number: 40916
UPC: 8033891012250

Producer: I Contadini
Region: PUGLIA
Weight: 18.3 oz

These tender and crunchy, whole fresh artichokes are hand-harvested, individually timmed and placed in extra virgin olive oil. The artichokes come with stems intact which are edible and visually dramatic. Delicious as antipasti, pizza topping, or add to rice or green salads.

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Artichokes grown in the area around Brindisi in Puglia have an IGP certification. They are low in fibrous content, sweet and best tasted raw.
Brindisino artichokes, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider, vinegar, unrefined sea salt, lemon juice.