Dwarf Peaches with Black Summer Truffle

Item Number: 20535
UPC: 8026379000337

Producer: Savini Tartufi
Weight: 6.17 oz

These amazing dwarf peaches, about the size of a cocktail olive, always elicit a look of amazement when someone tastes them. They are crunchy with a slight taste of young, green peach with black truffle. Cut them and serve with fish or meat tartare. Slice and serve over pasta. Or add them to a Martini, Bloody Mary, or any cocktail that calls for olives.

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Italian peaches harvested early, marinated, dried, then placed in a truffle marinade and pasturized.
Dwarf peaches (53%), sunflower seed oil, salt ,flavor, wine vinegar, sugar, dried Italian black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) (0.1%)