Lazio Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Il Molino Limited Edition: Organic (500 ml)

Item Number: 11156
UPC: 8032927640382

Producer: Il Molino
Region: LAZIO
Weight: 16.9 fl oz

A delicious extra virgin olive oil defined as delicate, medium fruity taste characteristics. This early 2019 pressing contains greater amounts of important Polyphenols and Antioxidants. The beauty of the label makes it a great gift and presentation on any Holiday dinner table for drizzling raw over the finest savory foods.

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Novello Oil, or the early 2019 pressing of olives that grow along the edge of Lake Bolsena north of Rome. This delicious Organic extra virgin olive oil has all the characteristics of an early pressing. It is fruity and peppery with almond side tones.
Organic Extra virgin olive oil.