Maccheroni Pugliesi Granomischio "Trulli & Sassi" by Marella: Organic

Item Number: 10377 - ETA NOVEMBER 5TH
UPC: 8018338005996

Producer: Marella
Region: PUGLIA
Weight: 14.11 oz

Granomischio is an organic blend of natural pigmented select wheat from Puglia, Italy. This heirloom wheat blend has a high content of minerals, vitamins, polyphenol antioxidants, and anti-aging red-blue anthocyanins which play an important role in the prevention of degenerative diseases. This pasta is fragrant while cooking and delights with a nuance of colors ranging from red to blue to violet. Use with any sauce but we suggested a very simple tomato sauce or garlic, hot pepper and capers saute' with vegetables.

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An heirloom grain cultivated exclusively for Marella from seeds stored at the University of Foggia in Puglia. The coloration is due to the pigmentation of the grain due to its high content in anti-aging red-blue anthocyanins
Durum wheat, water