Maltagliati Squares Egg Pasta by Caponi

Item Number: 11414

Producer: Pastificio Caponi
Weight: 8.8 oz

Maltagliati (poorly cut) pasta have their origin in the northern Italian region of Emilia Romagna where they were the leftover scraps of home made lasagne or other egg pasta typically made in the Bologna area. They used to be of different thickness and size when made in people's homes. The version we are bringing in from the fantastic Tuscan company of Pastificio Caponi have more regular shapes and have a sawtooth edge. While they used to be served in soup, Maltagliati today are made all over Italy and are used in pasta salads, with codfish, with mushrooms, prosciutto and fava beans, and many many more presentations as they can be an excellent base for any sauce.

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High quality egg pasta as good if not better than what is traditionally made at home by Italian families everywhere.
durum wheat, eggs