NEW!!! Panforte Classico by Nanni: Siena

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Producer: Dolcezze di Nanni
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Native to Siena, this classic, hand wrapped Tuscan confection dates back to the 13th century. Still handcrafted today in small batches using copper kettles and shaped by hand, Panforte is a dense, sweet pastry filled with almonds, spices and candied fruit.

Each one contains a packet of powdered sugar for "dusting" the pastry before serving. (optional)

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A classic ancient recipe dating back to medieval times in old Siena, Tuscany. Comes with a small, separate pack of powdered sugar to sprinkle over before serving.
Almonds, candied citron, sugar, wheat flour, candied orange rinds, honey, mixed spices, starch wafers, vanilla bean.