Strozzapreti (Priest Stanglers) by Gentile: Organic

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Producer: Gentile
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Strozzapreti or "Priest Stranglers" are a slightly twisted double strand of short thick "spaghetti". They can be served with any sauce including tomato sauces with seafood, or cheese sauces. Made with 100% Italian wheat.

*Pasta di Gragnano achieved in 2010 the IGP mark (Indicazione Geagrafica Protetta). This community recognition represents the reaching of an important objective for pasta makers, always working with respect and devotion for the entire Gragnano city where the pasta is its own icon. The EU assigns the IGP mark to agricultural food which are linked to a geographical origin basing on unique characteristics and production phases; this implies the respect of straight production rules indicated in the "disciplinari".


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Strozzapreti pasta comes from the Romagna region and dates back to the Middle Ages. There are several stories regarding the origin of "Strozzapreti" or "priest stranglers". They can almost all be boiled down to this; A general resentment by rural residents of the then Papal States against an oppressive and unwelcome theocratic government.

At the time, priests, seen as corrupt, would visit the villages they governed, demand a feast, and ate gluttonously from the resentful but obliging, heavily taxed subjects. Rising anti-clerical sentiment led to cloaked ways to carefully express the residents dissatisfaction of this unfair system of governing, hence, the creation of "Strozzapreti". The clergy would eat this thick, chewy pasta and it would either keep them from talking so much, fill them up so there wouldn't be enough room for the main courses, or they would literally choke on it from ravenously eating.

Not to fear, though! It is a wonderful pasta with a dumpling like texture that has endured for centuries as an Italian classic.

Durum wheat and water