Sundried Vegetable Pesto: Country Style

Item Number: 40914 - ETA MARCH 25TH
UPC: 8033891012250

Producer: I Contadini
Region: PUGLIA
Weight: 8.1 oz

This is one of out favorite ready-to-serve sauces to pour as is over our pasta, rice or vegetable preparations. I Contadini are from the deep south of Puglia, in the Salento area, an area that is famous for tasty and nutritious vegetables that grow well in the hot sun and sea breezes of the Puglia peninsula.

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Vine ripened vegetables are harvested when ripe, placed on mats to dry in the sun, then marinated and chopped. All natural.
Sundried vegetables including eggplant, zucchini tomatoes, onions, Leccina olives, capers, unrefined sea salt, extra virgin olive oil, apple cider, vinegar, fresh mint, lemon juice