Torrone Nougat with Almonds & Honey: Medium (Sardegna)

Item Number: 70367

Producer: Torrone Pili
Weight: 4.4 lbs

Famous throughout the world for its Torrone, Tonara in the Barbagia mountains of Sardegna hosts a yearly festival dedicated entirely to this fabulous honey sweet and nutty nougat. Not too hard or soft, this "pliable" large block of Torrone can be easily cut with any knife. Warm up a little at room temperature to make it softer, or chill for a harder bite. The quality will not change, and in fact is considered to be the best torrone that people have ever tasted!

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A completely natural torrone nougat with whole almonds, made with honey and egg white. Contains no added sugar.
Honey, egg white, whole toasted almonds.