Sopraffino Aged Wine Vinegar: 12 Year

Item Number: 60130
UPC: 8032836440424

Producer: Acetaia Ducale Estense
Region: VENETO
Weight: 3.38 oz

This reserve aged wine vinegar gets the royal treatment. Considered an ancestor of balsamic vinegar, Sopraffino Reserve is made from fresh must of cabernet sauvignon, raboso, and merlot grapes. It is then refined for 6 years in oak and then for another 6 years in barrels made of chestnut, cherry, and mulberry. The intense yet delicate acidity has hints of spice and fruit. Use with roast meats, fowl, soups, and risottos.

*2013 Gold sofi Award Winner for "Outstanding Vinegar"

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90 lbs of grapes are used to make 1 quart of sopraffino aged wine vinegar reserve.
Cabernet Sauvignon must, Raboso and Melot grapes