Pappardelle with Egg and Wheat Germ by Morelli: Organic

Item Number: 22801 - ETA MARCH 15TH
UPC: 736320022131

Producer: Pastificio Morelli
Weight: 1.1 lbs

NEW! This organic pappardelle with wheat germ will give off a fragrance of wheat while cooking. The egg from pasture raised hens provides a rich flavor. The wonderful flavor of this wheat germ pasta is best preserved by simply using extra virgin olive and grated aged pecorino.

Since 1860, Antico Pastificio Morelli has been producing regional Tuscan pastas and giving them their signature flavor and texture with the addition of wheat germ as an ingredient. Not only does it give them a rich taste and silky texture, it also provides an added nutritional boost.

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The "green" part of the wheat is added back to the flour water mix providing extra flavor and richness.
Durum wheat, wheat germ, water