Balsamic Vinegar - Tradizionale 25 Year Aged

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Producer: Acetaia Pedroni
Weight: 3.38 fl oz


DOP Certified Tradizionale balsamic vinegar aged 25 years or more in oak and chestnut barrels. It will make any dish very special, from simple white rice to a tray of assorted cold cuts. Imagine it on grilled large prawns or salmon. Ideal used with aged Parmigiano cheese. Recommended to the most demanding chefs. Made from extremely rare and difficult to grow "Trebbiano di Spagna" grapes that were abandoned by most growers of the Modena area. This highly qualitative variety is now grown exclusively on a small plot of the Pedroni land. Labeled Giuseppe II by his father Italo.

Anthony Bourdain featured Pedroni on his show "No Reservations" in a segment titled, "The Real Balsamic Vinegar". You can view the segment by clicking here.

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Top of the line of aged balsamic vinegars, this exquisite Tradizionale comes in a beautiful wood box that makes a superb gift. Used by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain upon visiting the farm and featured on his television program.
Trebbiano di Spagna grapes aged must.

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