Radicchio Risotto Mix with Treviso Radicchio

Item Number: 50087 - ETA FEBRUARY 26TH
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Producer: Riso Carena
Weight: 12 OZ

Radicchio Risotto Mix by Riso Carena is a natural addition to our risotto line. Radicchio is grown and cultivated in the Treviso area of the Veneto region in the north and is a beloved staple in regional cuisine.

This mix is perfectly blended with premium Carnaroli rice from Lombardia in the Po River Valley, giving it the signature creamy texture of a true Italian risotto. The radicchio's distinct, bitter taste contrasts well with the rice and adds a deep red color to the risotto.

You can cook this by simply adding boiling water and stirring occasionally for 18 minutes. You can also give this mix your own signature by adding a homemade broth, vegetables, meat, fish or herbs and stirring in one ladle at a time. Either way, the result is a rich, creamy risotto.

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Ladel water or bouillon into the cooking rice a little at a time if you wish to keep to tradition.
Carnaroli Superfino rice, dehydrated radicchio, potato flakes, shallots. Natural bouillon: yeast extract, salt, vegetable oil, dehydrated onions, carrots, turmeric, nutmeg, curry. All natural ingredients. GMO-free.